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How To Whiten Your Shoes With Household Products

White shoes are shoes that tend to absorb dirt and stain so easily. It is your duty that when it get stained or dirty, you clean them often. Today, I will show you some method that can effectively whiten your shoes without stress. 1. Tooth paste and Tooth brush Tooth […]

5 Things That Mean More To Men Than “I Love You”

There is a popular saying that says action speaks louder than words. Men are visuals and impulsive in nature while women are verbal and they like to analyze things. Now, since men and women are opposite in one way or the other, obviously male and female hearts swell for different […]

5 Signs That Show You Are Forcing Yourself To Love Your Partner

There are so many reasons of why people enter into a relationship that have little or nothing to do with love. Many people enter into a relationship because of security, money, loneliness and so many other reasons. And when they find themselves in these situations, they force themselves to love […]

5 Baby Products That Experienced Mother Won’t Buy

Having a new baby is something every mother or family wish to have. As a new mother, you will want to make your new born baby comfortable in whatever he or she puts on or use. Before putting to bed or welcoming a baby, a lot of mothers go to […]

20 Creative Cake Designs Around The World

As we all know, cakes are form of sweet food made from flour, sugar and other ingredients and it is usually baked. In the olden days, cakes were like modification of bread but nowadays cakes now cover a wider range of preparations that can be either simple or elaborate. Cakes […]

5 Yoruba Actresses Who Are Not From Yoruba Speaking States

In the Nigerian entertainment today, expecially the Nollywood, we have many actresses who are making waves in the Yoruba movie Industry. These actresses are not from Yoruba indigene, yet they have mastered the language to the extent that they speak it fluently than some so called Yoruba indigene. (1) Fathia […]