Claiming God’s Promises Through Faith

Faith is a substance of things hope for and the  assurance of things not seen. That’s believing it to come or be assured that it would happened by putting faith in Jesus Christ. It might be a bit difficult and God knows about it, that is why the Bible put it that it would be difficult to please God without faith.

It is pertinent to put our trust in God. Jesus Christ affirmed this so as to teach us a lesson when he sought food  from fig tree and found none for its deceptiveness and rebuked the fig tree. Now who are deceiving? man ,God or yourself ,you claim to be belief in God but inwardly you know that is not true and having no genuine love for Christ.

Openly you pray in the name of the Lord but no faith, trust in him just to please people then your prayer can never be answered. The Lord said in Mark 11:22″ and Jesus answering said unto them have faith in God “remember  in his word he promise us that though weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh  in the morning . This is just a lesson that God will do it at appointed time so try to  trust only on him.

Woe unto him that put his trust on man and run to Egypt for help that is seeking assistance from other gods. Moving from  one mountain to the other, your prayer of curses on fellow human being, trying to put your fellow down God will not answer such do good and seek peace then your enemy would dwell in peace With you.

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Break  forth into singing, extol the Lord stop crying, anguishing ,bitterness in your heart knowing surely that you are serving a living God then heart desire shall be granted.

Enlarge your tent act positively psalms 113:9 if God can answer barrens then your case in not different.

Fear not and don’t be ashamed your creator has promise arise and shine for the light is come and the glory of God is risen upon you. Take these words of God swallow them in your heart and see the goodness of God.

By Evangelist Adekunle Samson ,

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