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5 Signs That Show You Are Forcing Yourself To Love Your Partner

There are so many reasons of why people enter into a relationship that have little or nothing to do with love.

Many people enter into a relationship because of security, money, loneliness and so many other reasons.

And when they find themselves in these situations, they force themselves to love their partner but the bitter truth is that you can never deceive your heart to do anything it does not want to do.

Below are 5 signs that you are forcing yourself to love your partner:

(1) You are not excited to be with them: This happens when being with your partner feels more like an obligation for you. They don’t excite you in one way or the other. You are there out of respect because they are your partner, nothing more, nothing less.

(2) You are always hoping they will break things off: You are always happy when the both of you fight because you are hoping it will end in a breakup. You are always scared when anything as permanent as marriage comes up because you don’t want to be in a prison.

(3) You don’t see yourself spending the rest of your life with them: You cringe when you think about marrying them. Anytime you imagine your future, you don’t see them in it. You want to come out of the relationship but you are in it for a reason which you hold more important than love and your happiness.

(4) You are on the lookout for your soulmate: People stop searching for love when they are in a relationship (because they have found it), but you on the other hand is still on the lookout. You want someone that you will be on the same wavelength with and be able to experience the love everyone keeps talking about.

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(5) You always have mood swings: It can be very frustrating in dealing with someone when you don’t like the person the way they expect you to. They will always be on your nerves and you will always feel miserable.

Forcing yourself to love someone in one way or the other suppresses your instinct and shoves away your emotions until you can’t help but be a mess.

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