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How To Perfectly Match Your Shoes With English And African Dresses

In Nigeria, we have a lot of outfits which is suitable for occasion, birthday, casual outings and others.

For instance, if you are going to wedding ceremony, birthday ceremony, you consider wearing a festive dress while we consider wearing everyday dress for any other activities.

For you to have a perfect look, you have to choose the right shoes/ dress combination.

In this article, I will show you how you can perfectly match your shoe with the right dress.

1. Casual dress or wear

Casual dress is a type of clothing that is often worn when we are relaxing and sometimes suited for our everyday use.

Below are the photos of a casual dress…

For you to have a perfect look, below are the types of shoes that best fit casual dress.

1. High Heeled shoes

2. Slippers

3. Moccasins

4. Shoes with small wedge heels

2. Business or office dress

Business dress is a formal dress code for many office and corporate events in Nigeria and Abroad. It is required of both men and women to dress in Business dress as it allow a person looks smart.

Below are the photos of a business dress…

1. Shoe with a closed toe, heel (not more than 4″)

3. Sporty dress

Sporty dress is easy to wear, easy to movie in Outfits.

Most sporty dress is suitable to wear when going for athletics, and outdoor activities.

For instance, you can wear a sporty outfits for games which include Tennis, Skiing, Swimming and any other outdoor activities.

Below are the photo of sporty dress…

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For your perfect look, wearing any of these shoes listed below will be suitable for you…

1. Slippers

2. Sneakers

3. Flats

4. Platforms sandals

4. Africa Wrap dress

Wrap dress is a dress with a front closure formed by wrapping one side across the other and knoting the attached ties that wrap around the back at the waist of fastening buttons.

Below are photos of African wrap dress…

Shoes to wear:

1. High heeled sandals

5. T-shirt dress

T-shirt dress is a style of woman’s dress that borrow details from a man’s shirt.

Below are photos of T-shirt dress…

Shoes to wear

1. Sandals

2. Pumps

3. Sneakers

6. Godet dress

Godet dress is a dress that has an extra piece or fabric in a shape of a circular sector which is set into ajarment, usually a dress or skirt.

Below are photos of Godet dress…

Shoes to wear:

1. High heels with a t-strap

2. High heels with ankle strap

7. Bouffent dress is a dress silhouette made of a wide full skirt resembling a hoop skirt.

Below are photos of Bouffent dress…

Below are shoes prefect for the above Dresses

8. Ankara jumpsuits and others outfits

Shoes to wear: Pump with high heel , high heeled shoes.

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