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5 Baby Products That Experienced Mother Won’t Buy

Having a new baby is something every mother or family wish to have.

As a new mother, you will want to make your new born baby comfortable in whatever he or she puts on or use.

Before putting to bed or welcoming a baby, a lot of mothers go to mall,baby shop to get items that are safe for their baby.

Well, an experienced mother would always do one things, she will be careful if products that might cause injuries and untimely death to her baby.

Below are the 5 products experienced mother would not buy for her baby…

1. Baby Walker or Jumpers

Baby walker is a device that can be used by infants who cannot walk on their own to move from one place to another.

However, baby walkers can be sometimes dangerous even though it is useful for baby such as entertaining them and teaching them how to walk.

Some parent give into their temptation to start buying baby walker for their when they observe their babies start moving around the house.

Baby walker makes kids to stand and walk even when their muscles are not ready for it.

But exposing the kids to baby walker pose a great risk of them having trauma, making them fall downstairs, usually injuring their head or neck.

For this reason, Canada became the first country to ban the use of baby walkers.

Doctors warned that kids who spend a lot of time in walkers often omit important developmental stages.

2. Blankets and pillows for infants

Using pillows for babies can block their nose and mouth which might even suffocate them.

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Every mum should note that infants don’t certainly need pillow as it can injure them.

3. Avoid buying baby carriers with narrow base

It is very risking for a mom to buy baby carriers with narrow base for babies within 0-6 months old.

This is because baby carriers with narrow base can increase the risk of hip dislocation.

It is advisable you buy a baby carrier with a wide base as it will let the baby’s leg be in the M position as seen in the photo illustration below.

4. Infants Bath seats

Mother should be careful whenever their baby is using the infant bath seats.

Sometimes kids can slip out into water and become submerged, resulting into drowning.

5. Sleeping Positioners

Sleeping Positioners are a pillow like wedge that keep baby on their backs all through at night.

However, FDA said the product poses a serious risk of suffocation to infants.

FDA has warned parent not to use this product.

According to the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute Of Child Health And Human Development (NICHD), each year, about 4000 infants die unexpectedly during sleep time from accidental suffocation, SIDs.



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