Evang Akintoye: The Folly Of A Man

The folly of a man begin when he fail to ascribe glory to God Almighty. The  scripture affirm that “the fool hath said that in his heart that there is no God…….”.

A time comes in ones life that things seems difficult or hard to go through as if presence of is no more.

In such times only be strong in the Lord and realize that your maker has promised us that He would never forget or forsake us.

In the world we are bound to face trial times, tribulations but rejoice because Christ has conquered all, don’t be a coward who dies many times before seen death but be brave, act valiantly for death comes but once.

On the other hand a foolish man thought that his achievement was by his efforts and failed to adore God. Remember the story of a rich man and Lazarus in the Bible ( Luke 16:19-31 )whatever we have is through the grace of God and all achievements comes from our maker.

Then it is good to know Him and ascribe glory to God Almighty. Imagine the same road that you pass through without any accident some did and fell into the pitch.

Are you saying that you’re more clever than them ?.

I agreed that efforts, prayers and steps are complements to facilitate quick answer to prayer. But not by our power, wisdom, knowledge etc would make  us successful person but it is through the grace of God.

On this write up, let me call your attention that it is God that can make you have change of heart  and to see God as all in all.

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God will touch you to reason along same way to be able to honor God. I pray for more understanding of the word of God.

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